Make smarter loans

Neo's team specializes in technology-based solutions
providing a comprehensive scoring system that
analyzes every aspect of an auto loan.

The revelation of data

Debunking deep subprime auto sales myths
using cutting edge analytics and data

Analyze endless attributes

Endless number of attributes spanning customer stability, financial health, credit bureau, loan terms, purchase vehicle and more are all analyzed in real-time to provide a score for the loan.

Increase good sales

Neo takes the guess work out of approving customers, especially those with low stability. By knowing which customers and deals are safe, lenders are able to focus on closing those deals. Using Neo, lenders typically boost their monthly sales by 15%.

Approve the toughest deals

Our unique approach enables an auto lender to approve even the toughest of deals. On such deals, in addition to providing a score, Neo also specifies what downpayment, loan term, monthly payment, etc. will make the deal approvable, all based on your historic data.

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Neo is privately held and based in Palo Alto, CA.